MOAN Benchmark

   Moan  Benchmark is located south-west of the Indian Hill area in Anza Borrego. It's a steep rocky hill climb. 2.75 miles to the peak. My hike took me to the peak and down the west side to the R&R Service trails. About 7 miles in total with a 650 ft climb.

                               The hill to start the climb                                                                                       Close up of the hill

                                   About 200 feet up                                                                                    More boulder hopping to come

                               Looking down at Indian Hill                                                On the ridgeline  Moan is the spit peak, marker on left section.


            Looking back on the ridgeline before final climb                                                               The  Moan Bench Mark

                                       Indian Roasting pit found on west side of MOAN.