Maltese Cross

Thank you ICORVA for giving me a forum where I can share some of my desert adventures with the less fortunate.

Imperial County is surrounded by deserts. All of them offering unique glimpses into bygone eras. I purchased a Jeep Wrangler back in 2005. It was something my father always wanted, but was unable to finagle before losing a battle with Heart Disease.

In 2005, I also began a battle with Heart Disease, and took the opportunity to get that Jeep. Now he rides with me in Spirit as I explore these desert secrets with my Husky companion, and Desert Dog, Balto.

I know some people seem to be put off by my Maltese Cross I display on my windshield. I encourage those of you that think I'm some kind of Nazi, to do some research. You may want to start locally with the symbol we see displayed for our Firefighter hero's. Yup! That's a Maltese Cross. Also referred to as an Iron Cross. Here's a little summary of why I display that Maltese Cross on my Jeep. It's a symbol of service. In feudal times you might see the Crest of Saint John inside that Cross and blazoned upon a shield in battle. That would indicate the soldier was loyal to Saint John, and fought on his behalf. Today you are more likely to see Orange County Choppers inside that cross. That would indicate your devotion to the OCC boys.

If you've seen my Blue Maltese, you've noticed I don't have any family crest or preference referenced. My reasoning for this is simple. I offer my loyalty and services to anyone in need. I often come to the rescue of stranded enthusiast’s in the deserts. I've had my straps on Jeeps, Toyota's, Bronco's, and even motorhomes. So you see, I'm not a Nazi.

The Maltese Cross –

The four arms of the Cross are for the four Cardinal Virtues –

Prudence, Temperance, Justice and Fortitude.

For the Eight Points:

To live in truth. To have faith. To be sincere. To give proof of humility.

To love justice. To be merciful. To endure persecution. To repent of sin.

So I hope you will ride shotgun with me, here on ICORVA, as I share some of my adventures. I also have a 4x4 website for anyone with a 4wheel drive vehicle that would like to meet others like me, that enjoy getting away from civilization. Just put IV4X4 in your browser, and it will lead you there. ..............Be Careful Out There!