Grunt BM 2018


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The hike started at about 7 am. We were not sure how long it would take to reach the Grunt BM. The hike started at the end of the Jeep trail into the Carrizo Gorge off of S2.

  G1  G2  G3

  The hike up wasn't to bad. Some steepness but not bad.

  G4  G5  G6

Grunt Bench marks and me posing.

  G7  G8  G9

G11  G12  G13

  G14  G15  G16

We headed up farther to McCain and at one point we found a lot of scattered 50 caliber shell cases. I guess from the Navy a long time ago. Well, we started down to the Jeep. We took a different way down, really steep but it wasn't an issue. We certainly went down faster than going up. We took the wash on the north side out and into the Gorge.

   G17  G18 G19