MOAN Benchmark 2017


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Moan  Benchmark is located southwest of the Indian Hill area in Anza Borrego. It's a steep rocky hill climb. 2.75 miles to the peak. My hike took me to the peak and down the west side to the R&R Service trails. About 7 miles in total with a 650 ft climb. There are 6 Benchmarks lining the Carrizo Gorge. Moan, Groan, Puff, Windy, Gasp, and Grunt. Windy is the easiest the rest are difficult to extremely difficult. The toughest is Groan. This would need to be tackled from the McCain side.

On the East side are Moan, Puff, and Windy. I've gotten these Puff I came down to get it. West side Gasp and Grunt I've gotten from the bottom of the Gorge. Gasp is the hardest. The Gasp BM is no longer there it is listed as having fallen off

and being buried there. I thought I got the wrong peak. The wife and I did Grunt and I'll post the hike later.

                 Off in the distance Indian Hill and behind Moan                                                                                                                                                               Close up of the hill

  M1  M2  M3 

 Time to go up. Lots of boulder hopping. About 600ft

  M4  M5  M6

                           Climbing and looking around 

  M7  M8  M9 

            Looking back on the ridgeline before the final climb                                                          

  M10  M11  M12

                                   Hiking to the last of the accent and looking about.

  M13  M14  M15

 Moan benchmark and traveler log inserts.

  M16  M17   M18 

 Another Moan Benchmark, the Trestle miles away and looking back at the jeep. ( Using 100-400 lens)

  M19  M20  M21

  A final look around and going down toward the Carrizo Gorge area. I found an old Indian trail which led me to a roasting pit. You could still smell the ash. Powder cans from the old R&R service road.

  M22  M23 M24

 The Sand Dam and old R&R tracks. Will follow the tracks out and cut across to the Indian hill area a few miles up the tracks Hike is complete.