Devil's Canyon

Trail Open by Permit!
Trail Closure
BLM Break.............August 2010
Finding of No Significant Impact
The BLM will impose the following mitigation measures:
  1. A request for a Special Recreation Permit (SRP) is made for use of the Devils Canyon trail prior to use and that all stipulations listed within the SRP are adhered to.
  2. Vehicle use in Devil’s Canyon will be authorizes one weekend per month from October through April (7 months). A weekend is defined as Saturday and Sunday.
  3. A maximum of 15 off-road vehicles will be allowed to traverse Devil’s Canyon on each day of the weekend.
  4. No vehicles are to traverse Devil’s Canyon for three weeks following a use weekend.
This three week period is intended to facilitate continued bighorn sheep use of the area by providing an extended length of time in which humans and vehicles are not using the floor of the canyon.
Stay tuned in the following weeks to find out how to apply for your vehicle access to be attached to the permit.. This will be a club sponsored canyon and permits will handled by this club. The club will register and assign the vehicle(s) to the group of 15 vehicles. There will be a fee ( covers the permit handling).

Devils Canyon was closed by the BLM (2007). There is discussion on opening the canyon by permit only???

The early trail (1860) was called Fort Yuma to San Diego Turn Pike. Yes its was a toll road. In the early 1900 San Diego County took over the road. Then the 1 lane cement road was added and Devils Canyon was bypassed. Then the big freeway! DC was long forgotten.
This is a historical canyon with not much of value in it. Its a wash and when it rains gets washed out.
This needs to be opened and without permits! Contact your County Supervisor , or local Congressman! Voice your concerns!
The canyon is a great way to spend quality time with friends and family krawling through it! See Ralph and friends (bottom right). He's at the bottom of Devil's and gettin ready to run on through to the top at Mountain Springs!