Return to Table Mountain

In November 2007 we packed into Table mountain. Just a casual hike. On the way back we lost the wife's cell phone. 

Here's the link for those pictures Table Mountain

In 2009 I went back in to find the cell phone, problem here was the clip to my GPS broke and I lost the unit! 

Those Pictures Here

Ok we now call this place the "Valley of lost electronics ! "

11.17.2013 we went back in to see if we could find either of these devices! I had the original tracks backed up so we loaded them into the Garmin and headed out!

Cell Phone Found! Garmin Oregon 550 hit the trail dead on! GPS unit remains somewhere out there,  it has the tracks of where it is!

We found the cell phone on the rocky hill in the back ground.                 One of me!

We tried out the camera harness Capture Pro from Peak Design. It clips onto the shoulder straps. Has quick release to slide camera out. Very nice.

Keeps camera in one place. But I wouldnt use it with a large lens attached. Will need to swap lens in the field.

Graph of Hike