Superstition 11.27.09

Day after Thanksgiving, time to meet up with some friends at Superstition Mountain. Met up with Steve, Matt, John, Adam and Cam. Cam dropped out early with a broken ax. We looked up David Wymore to see if he knew of a place to get the ax not sure what happened, We desided forge ahead and into the canyon which Marco started 10.10.09 and Nate couldn't finish. The one fall we want to get to was the one below to the left. Megan's yj is on 39 krawlers and is stretched a bit. What we didn't want to happen is what happened to Nate's rig below left. This trail is not for the faint hearted!










No Sweat we breezed through that spot and stacked some of Nates drivetrain parts on a rock. Every trail has a broken icon statue eh?







Well the trail had a lot of little get stuckies in it but nothing you could'nt wigwag out of. No steep stuff or off-camber to this point.







Then came that fall. Nearly 6 + foot vertical. I about wet me self. After reviewing this thing I came up with enough excuses to turn around. John though this didn't seem to bother him. He said I'll go up I couldn't let him do that...I was in the lead...dang no place to let him by. Guess I'll go on up. Yeah to keep from wetting myself I threw rope. I went up then John ( no rope) then Matt ( with rope , guess we ole guys need the safety assurance)







Steve lines himself up, then heads on up!







We never did this trail and from the looks of what was after the fall it was bunny rabbit trails...Until we came to this Y. Matt went off on one section Steve went on down to look around and while they were looking John noticed these buggy tracks going up this steep , loose rubble face, So he went up to looky. Yeah Marco was here. Ok everyone came back and only John's route looked like it was the way out. I talked to john and he said the trail up was a bit of this and that , that side to this side..Afterward Steve told me never let John pick a trail...That trail up was steep and full of loose stuff. If your not experienced stay off this trail..roll back and u may roll.. Here we go! Adam checking things out ( second from below right)!















Steve has been doing clean up most of the day, "This is nuts" little did he know we were about out!







The top! My hand and legs were cramping up. Next rig for sure will be an automatic. I talked to Marco , he said did you go down the trail to the left? U need to winch down...winch down? Dang we winched are way up! We'll slide on down for the end of this trail!












More on this run can be seen HERE. Superstition map below. Here's Steves ( Johns Shots)!!

Google .kml file HERE