Yuha Desert Location

Yuha desert is a large area off washes and rolling hills. One should be extra carefull out here. The washes are filled with deep soft sand. You can get stuck really quick. I would like to thank Steve Unwin for the following pictures and write ups (I copied some).

The pictures were taken on a trip we did in search of Anza. Of course we were really looking for lost ships , gold or anything but did find the Yuha wells. We explored the southern lower side of Yuha. desert. 

First stop was the marker at the rest stop at interstate 8. The wells were miles away from this marker. The marker and looking south Signal Mountain in Mexico.










 The following pictures were taken on the way to Yuha wells. The well's are of historical significance since Anza camped here on his way to San Francisco. Left to right, Shell Beds, on to the Yuha wells, the wells and the ole well sign!























While in the shell bed area we found a lot of this.












 The following pictures are taken going to the Vista De Anza view point. Left to right, view west at the Yuha wells, Vista De Anza marker,












 Finally the trip to the border and back. Left to right,  border fence Steve's comment was tank fence, theres towers out along the border with cameras and this one followed us untill we got under it, an emergency tower for illegal immigrants or us in trouble, close up of the call box









 More information from the BLM, a very good write up on the Yuha desert from Carrie Simmons HERE

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