Granite Mountain 3.15.2014

Going to try and Peak Granite today. While doing this visit the Redman mines on the lower portion of the mountain. Hit the trail at 7:30. Weather called out mid 80's.

Most reviews of this mountain was the brush you had to fight through. No problem now, there seems to have been a fire, no brush at all.

Here's the target from south side on S2 about 7:am.

Start of the trail ( miner trail) is near the Junction of Oriflamme canyon and Rodriquez canyon. You can see the miner trail on the hill.

Here's some shots on around the Redman mines. Second picture shows some of the mines on the mountain. The mines are everywhere.

You can spend the complete day here poking around! I even found one way up the mountain, but it looks like that mine was a flop!

Here's a shot of Oriflamme Canyon near the mine area.

Near the top a little boulder obstacle. While trying to determine best line I found a Geo Cache. Most of the stuff in it

was scorched. The obstacle.well I went right over in the middle. Some class 3 climbing but not to bad.

Found this burnt up hand held radio. Perhaps lost by one of the fire fighters. There's a clear trail on the ridge leading to the crest from the fire fighters.

Looking back after the Obstacle!

Well finally on the crest which Granite peak is. 6 hrs to get here. Old and slow but here!. Looking out to 4 corners. And what I just came up.

Another look back toward Oriflamme Canyon. My jeeps down there somewhere!

 Some shots from the crest. These are looking toward Julian, and a close up @ 400mm.

Here's the final jump , the Granite peak. Temperature, time, pack weight and age ...had to call it quits. It was about 2pm now. Still need to get off of this Mountain.

If this peak didn't require more boulder climbing perhaps. And perhaps next time I'll take the day pack. I totted up 40 lbs. Overall I'm happy with the results.

But still only about 600ft or so away.

 I did get some cool shots of some fighter jets skimming the mountain, coming in from the North end then dropping down sharply into the S2 area chasing each other.

I didn't have the camera in hand when the first one went over but did on the second. Once they got to the Jacumba area they went vertical up.

The elevation graph

G Redman who was he? Well for sure a hard worker to do those mines. I found his final resting place in the Julian cemetery. RIP Gus. 


Here's the Google Map