Jacumba Mountain Peaked

Jan 18, 2014 after 2 failed attempts I went back in. The wife said I can do that. Yeah really?  Ok lets see.  Well she did! Her back pack only on lunch. Mine was weighted down to 35 lbs.

The other attempts can be found here

We started at 7:20 at the Monteros palms canyon. We went up the canyon to the south. Here's shots form the canyon


Some shots on the last hill. I call it hill of hate. Its really steep and goes on forever!

Shots from the east side of the crest before going over

Once you crest the main peak you'll run the crest.  No easy matter. Still 600ft elevation to go. But the west of the ridge is a lot better than the east side!

Well finally ridge peak after ridge peak here's Jacumba peak. We got to the peak by going in on the east side.

This is the west side reason for peaking from east side.

Here's the ridge line you need to come up.

On the top finally! Some survey markers.

Wife and I on top

Shots from the top

On the way down in a flat spot close to the ridge line, wife found some pottery frags. 

Elevation chart