In Preparation for heading out for a trip.

Emergency Preparedness Information For Outings - Prepared by Stormtrooper


Introduction- This is stuff I try to have figured out in advance of a Jeep trip, to help me, those with me, or those who I happen upon. It applies equally to the desert and the mountains or wherever you go where the surroundings are new. Most of this needs not explanations. The map oriented links are mostly created by me, so they center on Southern California, but you can use the idea as a starting point for your own preparations. I emphasize here that if you are not already, you should consider becoming a Amateur Radio Operator. With this equipment you are never out of contact with someone who can help. Do it now before you need it.


Emergency Room Locations

Finding nearest Emergency Room Locations

Google Maps Emergency Room Locations



Finding Weather


National Weather Service

Weather Underground



Finding Repeater Coverage & Ham Radio Info


Why Get into Ham Radio? What can it do for me?

Amateur Radio Map

Wilderness Protocol - For emergency hailing on simplex 146.520 Mhz

Finding local repeaters

Another repeater directory

Repeaters for LA Corridoors    

Southern Nevada Repeater List   

Another Southern Nevada Repeater list  



For Some Ideas on what to pack


San Diego Mountain Rescue Pack Checklist


San Diego SAR Tips


Desert Survival Tips From Anza Rescue 


Desert Safety Page from BLM, Includes checklist


Desert Awareness – A manual for Arizona Travlers


Links to Government Agencies




San Diego SAR (619) 956-4990


USBP San Diego (619) 216-4000


BLM El Centro (760) 337-4400


USFS Cleveland NF 858-673-6180


San Diego CHP (858) 650-3600


Imperial County Sheriff (main office, el centro) (760) 339-6301


The Imperial County Sheriff’s Office Off Highway Vehicle Enforcement Safety Team (O.H.V.E.S.T.) (760) 351-1678


Caltrans Road conditions 800-427-7623


EPA Radiation Status


Google Emergency Status Maps




Having all this information together on one page makes it convenient to find again when I start getting ready for another trip. Lots of times I'm going to the same place again and again. In that case I prepare a special sheet which has all the relevant information together for that place. I can reprint it for others everytime I go there. I can leave a copy of this with my wife who will then know where I am going. This might be helpful If I turned up missing. Here is an example of one of these kinds of sheets (see at the end). A couple of things on this sheet are important I think:

Emergency Rooms and distance, time to travel to it This I think is important to have in your mind when you need to make that crucial decision: should I rush them to the emergency room or call for a helicoptor?

Local Friend to Call: I have Vern listed for this trip since he is a reliable friend with a jeep that lives 40 minutes from McCain valley. In a pinch i know I could call him and if he could help, he would. Sometimes you're going to places where you don't know anyone. This is where I get out of my comfort zone and make an acquaintence via ham radio or a offroad forum and ask them if I could call them in a pinch. Most people understand what it is you are asking and will happily assent the request.


Emergency Info for McCain Valley - By Stormtrooper

McCain Valley General Info Websites

Official BLM Website

Location where we will be climbing,-116.279994&spn=0.033421,0.077162&t=h&z=14

Lowenbrau Pinnacle Location is 32.75225, 116.28012

Local Weather (Link Here)


Repeater Coverage

MNUMT PK 147.240+103.5

11/21/09 Was able to hit this repeater with 5W HT from base of Lowenbrau Pinnacle in McCain Valley, but not at the parking lot or lower areas. Was also able to hit this repeater with 60W anywhere within McCain Valley. Made a couple contacts to people in the ABDSP as well as to dad in clairmont.

BLK MTN 147.120+103.5

11/21/09 Was able to hit this repeater with 5W HT from base of Lowenbrau Pinnacle in McCain Valley (87 mi!)

Other probable Repeaters

Mt Laguna 147.150+107.2

Lyons Peak 146.265+107.2

Nearest Emergency Room

El Centro Regional Medical Center

59 Mi, 1hr:16min

1415 Ross Ave

El Centro, CA 92243


Sharp Grossmont Hospital  Probably a best bet considering heath care quality.

62 Mi, 1hr:20min

5555 Grossmont Center Dr

La Mesa, CA 91942


Local Authorities

US Border Patrol

(619) 216-4000 SD headquarters

(619) 766-4773 Boulevard Station

39701 Avenida De Robles Verdes

Boulevard, CA 91905

El Centro BLM

(760) 337-4400 8-4:30 M-F

San Diego SAR (619) 956-4990


Nearest Auto Parts Store


Pep Boys Auto


902 N Imperial Ave
El Centro, CA 92243



Nearest Friend to call Vern B 619-555-5555