Back from "Old Days"

I'mmmmmm backkkkk.....

It's 2023 now. Vern and I are spending more time at the computer these days. Me with my old worn out and tired body, and Vern nursing a new knee.

I'm still very much into Jeeping, but I live in Phoenix now and that puts me about 4 hours away from my old Jeeping friends and trails.

I recently returned to the Imperial County with some of my Phoenix friends to run a couple trails. We all had a blast. We did Canyon Sin Nombre, Mud Caves, Drop Off, Sand Stone Canyon, and Split Mountain. It was a nice 6 hour loop from our motel in Brawley and back.

Maybe I can figure out how to attach some pictures.

I figured it out, but my pic size is too big. I'll resize them and try again later.