Robert Mitchell's "Blister"

Robert Mitchell’s "Blister"

Robert has spent way to much time on this rig. He needs to wheel it more often! I've caught up with "Bob" on runs at Bronco Peak, Devil's Canyon, Superstition Mountain and the Pinyon. He certainly doesnt treat that rig like a sweet heart. Heres a before and after look on his rig.

His latest addition was a flat skid and Genright suspension @ 104". We'll be adding sections of this rig build bit by bit!

This is great install Job. First the frabrication and fitting of the flat skid. I must admit Bob does fab good.

Then the modification to the rear axel for the new suspension. This guy goes to town!

Ok now on to thront end stuff! Shock hoops, crossover stabilizers , hydraulic steering mods.

And more pictures that are not in sequence..almost.

Which everway you look at this its well done. Will be looking forward in seeing you out on the rocks there Bob!